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ScreamFree Marriage Autographed Paperback Book


ScreamFree Marriage Autographed Paperback Book

$ 19.97
Every Couple goes through conflict.
Not every couple grows through it.
Be one of the few.
Hold on – this may not be the marriage book for you. It’s not about fixing your communication, improving your compatibility, or helping you and your spouse meet each other’s needs. It’s not a step-by-step program for training your spouse, nor is it a recipe for a conflict-free relationship.
No, your marriage is far too important for any of that. It is the central relationship of your life, and it deserves to be addressed with the truth. And the truth is: marriage is difficult. And it is naturally filled with conflict. It’s actually designed to be this way. What you need is not some typical program to help you avoid this conflict; you need a way to actually Calm Down, Grown Up and Get Closer to your spouse through it.
That’s the premise, and the promise, of ScreamFree Marriage. Here you will find yourself challenging your previous notions about what your marriage should be and learning to appreciate all that it is right now, and all that it could be in the very near future.
If you want a comfortable relationship without conflict or challenge, choose another marriage program. But if you want an honest, intimate relationship that turns your common conflicts into a deeper, lifelong connection, then this may be just the book you’re looking for.

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